Teen Programs

The National Museum of Mexican Art offers engaging programs for teens that encourage the exploration of art, culture and creativity while helping to develop important life skills.

Yollocalli Arts Reach

Yollocalli Arts Reach is an arts education and career-training program for teens and young adults. The Yollocalli model is based on creating a space for youth to partner with practicing artists, access the tools necessary to realize their own vision and build skills as emerging artists. Yollocalli is an open forum for experimentation in art-making based on issues in art, history, and youth culture.

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High School youth can sign up for our Street Art,  Photo & Video, and Mapping & Drawing, New Media Journalism program, and Music/Sound Production today.
Classes will begin September 29th!

Camera Flux – Photo & Video (ASM)
Work as a storyteller and documentarian as you produce and edit photos and videos with the guidance of a local artist, who creates work for VICE, Chicago Reader, and MTV. Taught by Todd Diederich.
Mon & Tue, 4pm-8pm

Mapping Experiments – Drawing (ASM) 
Gain and expand your technical skills in drawing, storytelling, and zine making by learning the history and practice of map-making.  Taught by Charissa Tolentino.
Wed & Thu, 4pm-8pm

Street Art Studio (ASM)
Learn the history of graffiti and street art with renowned artists and cultural makers in Chicago.  Taught by Nick Marzullo. Mon & Tue, 4pm-8pm

Difusion Media
Difusión Media trains youth in journalism with a focus on creating, producing and publishing digital media formats: blogs, podcasts and video. Create original, culturally relevant media in an after school setting that encourages peer collaboration.  Taught by Stephanie Manriquez. Thu 5pm-8pm, Sat 5pm-8pm  CPS Students – RECEIVE SERVICE LEARNING CREDIT! You can take this class with an ASM class.

Music and Sound Producion
Create your own music, beats, and weird noises with a talented local musician.  Taught by Leonardo Ciccone. You can take this class with an ASM class.  Fri 4pm-7pm, Sat 10 am-1pm

Yollocalli Youth Council!
Alumni and current participants are encouraged to join our youth council. For more info on the council, go here.
Fridays, 4pm-7pm or rescheduled Saturdays, 12pm-2pm
Call us at 773-521-1621 for more information.
Snacks, laughs and good times.

Apply for the programs above online! 
For more info on classes call us at 773-521-1621.