Film and Literature

Mexican Film Series

The National Museum of Mexican Art has proudly sponsored and supported Mexican independent films that have won critical acclaim and addressed social issues relevant to the Mexican experience. Some of the many film projects we have supported include A Day Without A Mexican,Immigrant Nation!, and Señorita Extraviada.

Literature: Mexican Authors, Scholars and Intellectuals

The National Museum of Mexican Art hosts events with acclaimed Mexican authors, scholars and intellectuals who have contributed to the Mexican story. Past special guests have included Octavio Paz, Elena Poniatowska, Carlos Fuentes and Sandra Cisneros. The Museum hosted the world premieres of Sandra Cisneros's book Caramelo and Ana Castillo's book Peel My Love Like An Onion.         

Del Corazón Festival
Founded in 1994, the National Museum of Mexican Art’s Del Corazón Festival was the first Mexican performing arts festival in the country. It served as a platform for performing artists to showcase the beauty and diversity of Mexican culture while challenging audiences to ponder Mexico and Mexicans within the United States. In 2005, after 11 successful years, the Del Corazón Festival ended to make way for the growing Sor Juana Festival.

Del Corazón crossed borders, artistic disciplines and conventions. It included traditional Mexican folkloric musicians, such as Los Folkloristas and local Sones de México; cutting-edge performance theater by performers like Luis Alfaro, Maria Elena Gaitán and Monica Palacios; films by Luis Buñuel; and literature by Carlos Fuentes and Ana Castillo, Mexican writers from both sides of the border.

The National Museum of Mexican Art continues to support the Mexican performing-arts diaspora on a national level through the Sor Juana Festival and other performing arts events that are held throughout the year locally and throughout the country.