Book Reading: Award-Winning Author Victor Villaseñor


Book Reading: Award-Winning Author Victor Villaseñor

Thursday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the National Museum of Mexican Art 

Victor Villaseñor, author of the award-winning novel Rain of Gold will be reading from his book, Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy. 

Born in the barrio of Carlsbad, California in 1940, Victor Villaseñor was raised on a ranch four miles north in Oceanside. Since his parents were born in Mexico, Villaseñor spoke only Spanish when he started school. After years of facing language and cultural barriers, heavy discrimination and a reading problem, later diagnosed as dyslexia, Victor dropped out of high school his junior year and moved to Mexico. There he discovered a wealth of Mexican art, literature, music, that helped him recapture and understand the dignity and richness of his heritage.

After producing 9 novels, 65 short stories, and receiving 265 rejections, Villaseñor sold his first novel, Macho!, which the Los Angeles Times compared to the best of John Steinbeck. This began a journey that would eventually lead to the publication of the national bestseller Rain of Gold. Used by thousands of teachers and school systems across the nation as required reading, Rain of Gold tells the story of the author's family, taking the reader from war-torn Mexico during the Revolution of 1910 to the present day.

This event is part of the National Museum of Mexican Art's 2015 Sor Juana Festival. 


Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 6:00pm

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