Brujos World Premiere: Season One

Join us for the World Premiere of Brujos, a web series following four gay Latino doctoral students... who are also witches.

Screening - 7pm
Q&A - 8:30pm (w/ cast + crew of Brujos)
After Party - 9:30 (live music, a DJ, light fare and beverages)

General admission and VIP tickets are currently available. All tickets include the screening, after-party, and complimentary drinks. Tickets are available here


Written and created by: Ricardo Gamboa
Directed by: Ricardo Gamboa, Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke, Robert Stockwell
Presented by: Ricardo Gamboa, Cinema LibertadOpen TVFull Spectrum Features


Panfilo, Brian, Jonathan, and Edwin come into their power with the help of their witch guide La Maestra who warns of The Scientists. Just as they begin to learn their brujos powers, Panfilo’s boyfriend, Carlos, is possessed by a mysterious force and attempts to murder the brand new coven. Edwin stops Carlos--like with a butcher knife--but not before Carlos announces the brujos are the target of a witch hunt. The magic, mayhem, murder, and mystery only levels up as they descend into this new world of witches and witch hunters.

As bodies start to pile up around them and things seem more and more dire, the BRUJOS will be forced to work together to uncover the secrets of just who exactly are The Scientists behind the witch hunt. They’ll learn that their greatest weapon they have against The Scientist is each other--and that they’re not alone. They begin to collect more brujos, people living on the fringe like them, to confront The Scientists in an ultimate showdown.

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 7:00pm