Tejiendo Caminos (Weaving Paths)

Weaving Paths is a dance-theater program that blends Diaz Brown's Mexican roots with her acquired American culture. The program will feature two dance works: “La Llorona” and “Del Otro Lado.” These two works of artistic collaboration blend dance, partner acrobatics, video projection, live music and poetry to tell these stories with a
touch of mysticism (La Llorona) and magic realism (Del Otro Lado).

“La Llorona” is a dance performance inspired by the Mexican legend of a woman who is driven to madness in a loveless marriage that caused her to lose her mind and leave her children to drown in the river. The dance is based on the disquieted spirit of “La Llorona” which relates to many women that live tormented lives in abusive
relationships. Through this dance they find redemption.

“Del Otro Lado:” a dance duet that touches the themes of the encounter between Mexican and American cultures, love, courage and adoption of a new place as home. These encounters create transformation and growth; opening a wider world of possibilities for both sides.

Weaving Paths is a part of the Sor Juana Festival, which honors one of Mexico’s greatest writers, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, as well as to celebrate and showcase the rich artistic accomplishments of Mexican women from Mexico and the United States. The Festival also honors Mexican women leaders as a testimony to the enduring spirit of Sor Juana.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 6:30pm

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