Desde Adentro: Abstractions from the Permanent Collection

Desde Adentro: Abstractions from the Permanent Collection, August 15, 2014
– March 1, 2015
Summary: Spanning almost five decades, this exhibition is an assemblage of abstract works from the National Museum of Mexican Art’s Permanent Collection. On display are works from La Ruptura (the Breakaway Generation) movement in Mexico, representing abstract art styles including Abstract Expressionism, Futurism, Geometric Abstraction, and Minimalism. This exhibition is the debut of these Modern works at the Museum.
Participating Artists: Peter Rodriguez, Jesus Perez, Jose Cuevas, Rufino Tamayo, Maribel Portela, Carlos Merida, Gunther Gerzo, Alfredo Zalce, David Alfaro Siquieros, Leonardo Nierman, Rodolfo Nieto, Felipe Ehrenberg, Janet Carrera, Vicente Rojo, Daniel Ramirez, Palle Selersen Frost, Roberto Donis, Marcos Raya, Louie the Foot (Luis C. Gonzalez), Manuel Felguerez, Pedro Coronel, Favianna Rodriguez, Ignacio Miranda, Jack Alvarez, Alfredo Zalce, Jesus Perez, Lita Albuquerque, Alejandro Nava, Vladimir Cora, Amelia Malagamba

Curator: James Perry

Organizing Institution: National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at: National Museum of Mexican Art Rubin and Paula Torres Gallery

Friday, August 15, 2014 to Sunday, March 1, 2015