Intermission, May 20 – August 28, 2011     

Summary:  Benito Huerta (b. 1952) has been creating artwork at Texas since the 1970s.  Significantly influenced by Pop Art and Conceptual Art, in addition to the Chicano movement, his paintings and prints frequently deal with the comedy, tragedy, and absurdity present in our world.  Huerta’s imagery is appropriated from Western Art history, film and television, or inspired by rock and roll lyrics.  INTERMISSION presents work from the last two decades of his distinguished artistic career.

Participating Artist:  Benito Huerta

Curator:  Cesáreo Moreno

Organizing Institution:  National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at: National Museum of Mexican Art Rubin & Paula Torres Gallery

Friday, May 20, 2011 to Sunday, August 28, 2011