Marcos Raya: Fetishing the Imaginary Mario Castillo: EGG-SIS-TEN-TIAL-ISM Alejandro Romero: Historias


Marcos Raya: Fetishing the Imaginary Mario Castillo: EGG-SIS-TEN-TIAL-ISM Alejandro Romero: Historias, July 16 – Nov 14, 2004

Summary: Marcos Raya’s obsession in documenting the people, the lifestyle and the hardships he has encountered, often alter his depictions of reality into dreamlike visions or nightmares. Raya’s work continues today with his obsession to document those individuals and lifestyles he encounters in Chicago. His paintings, collages and installations are often bridges that bring together and juxtapose completely opposite worlds in a surrealist manner. The good life and the bad life, sexuality and death, technology and the subconscious, all these “apparitions” and so many more are disconnected yet related in the artist’s work. His concepts, like his found objects, become hybrids - recycled, transformed and then reassembled into a dreamlike collage. Each character and concept is built upon an experience from the past.  [Main Gallery]

Currently a faculty member of the Art and Design Department at Columbia College, Castillo is revisiting much of his earlier works as a renewed source of inspiration and a chance to reinvent his current body of work– he calls this his Recapitulation Series.  This theory, expressed in his manifesto, is based in part on the current Information Age world in which we live – a world where (because of digital technology) all past and present information we have acquired, tangibly exists in the NOW.  In this way, many of the old themes, images and styles with which Castillo experimented throughout his forty year artistic career, can now be re-examined and recreated in new ways. The works created for this exhibition are based on Conceptual, Minimal, and Abstract Art movements, combined with the artist’s own preoccupation with conception, birth, life, death and the afterlife. [Torres Gallery]

Romero’s work continued to develop and portray the changing face of this city. His paintings, posters and murals pay homage to the everyday heroes and myths that continue to immigrate to and transform Chicago. “The epic journeys and myths, from the ancient past up to the present, reveal concepts that provoke the best human ideas and allow us to transform this world” (Alejandro Romero). In this way, the universal human condition is something that can be expressed simply by investigating and celebrating that which is local. He finds inspiration in every neighborhood and personal story that makes Chicago for him, the perfect symbol of humankind. [Main Gallery]

Curator: Cesáreo Moreno

Organizing Institution: Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at: Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Main Gallery and Torres Gallery

Friday, July 16, 2004 to Sunday, November 14, 2004