Women Artists of Modern Mexico: Frida’s Contemporaries


Women Artists of Modern Mexico: Frida’s Contemporaries, June 22 – Sept 2, 2007      

Summary: This exhibition showcases the artistic works of 26 women who have produced art since the beginning of the twentieth century. These artists used painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture to provide a view of modernity through different perspectives and approaches. They were creators, muses, and purveyors of a social conscience.  These exceptional women were not limited to the visual arts, as their expressions also included music, dance, literature, theater and cinema.

Participating Artists: Lola Álvarez Bravo,  Carmen Antúnez,  Angelina Beloff, Rosario Cabrera, Celia Calderón, Leonora Carrington, Rosa Castillo

Elizabeth Catlett, Olga Costa, Lola Cueto, Andrea Gómez, Kati Horna, Elena Huerta, Maria Izquierdo,  Sarah Jiménez Vernis, Frida Kahlo, Rina Lazo, Tina Modotti, Fanny Rabel, Alice Rahon, Aurora Reyes, Rosa Rolando, Cordelia Urueta, Remedios Varo, Isabel Villaseñor, Mariana Yampolsky 

Curator: Dolores Mercado assisted by Tomás Zurián

Organizing Institution: National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at: National Museum of Mexican Main Gallery and, Museo Mural Diego Rivera, Mexico City (Mujeres artistas en el Mexico de la Modernidad: Las contemporaneas de Frida July 15 – August 12, 2008)

*Exhibition catalogue published by National Museum of Mexican Art.

Friday, June 22, 2007 to Sunday, September 2, 2007