Archiving Intern for the Documentary Photography of Ann Murdy


TITLE: Archiving Intern for the Documentary Photography of Ann Murdy

PRIMARY FUNCTION: To transfer Ann Murdy digital images from DVD’s and to enter correct information, while working onsite at the Museum into the NMMA’s Permanent Collection database. Artist website (  This internship is designed to create a more inclusive pipeline for future arts administrators by providing opportunities to students of color / scholars.

ACCOUNTABLE TO: The Permanent Collection Curator and the Associate Curator


  • Input 2500 new images and corresponding metadata into the Permanent Collection database
  • Conduct research to proof the entire Ann Murdy Archive of 7500 records, 5000 of which have already been imported
  • Keep a journal to reflect the internship experience with suitable passages for social media postings
  • The intern will also design and complete a capstone project to highlight and garner interest in photojournalism. Some possibilities include developing a social media series that highlights photographs from the Murdy Archive, conduct an online photojournalism challenge, compose an 8-10 page essay about Murdy’s work, or another creative proposal devised by the intern.


Candidates must be seniors, recent graduates or graduate students working towards a career in library science, photography, museum studies or a strongly related field.  Qualified candidates must be highly responsible, detail-oriented, familiar with research activities as well as Adobe, Photoshop and FileMaker programs.  Ideal candidates will have written ability in Spanish, deep interest in indigenous cultures of Mexico and be able to commit to this year-long project with the goal of archiving 2500 images and proofing the entire Ann Murdy Archive of 7500 records. 

TERM: This is a competitive, one-year paid internship for the period of Summer 2021 – Spring 2022.  A student is expected to commit to working part-time while school is in session and full-time over breaks to meet the goal and deadline.  Contracted grantees will be compensated at an invoiced hourly rate of $18.00 (1155 hours) not to exceed $20,790.00, payable at successful completion of scope of work milestones.

Interested parties should email a resumé, cover letter, proof of Covid-19 vaccination(s) and a letter of recommendation from a professor or past employer / internship supervisor by June 30, 2021 to: