Rito y Recuerdo: Day of the Dead

Join us for the Museum's annual Day of the Dead exhibition. 

Opening Reception on Friday, September 19, 2014  6 PM – 8:30 PM. Exhibition continues through December 14

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Rito y Recuerdo: Day of the Dead

In Mexico, we remember those who have passed away. When a person dies, we begin a series of rituals that are repeated annually on November 1 & 2. With some adaptations, this ancestral tradition has been kept alive on this side of the border. Join us in celebrating and honoring all those who have left us this year, including: Fernando Castro Pacheco, Sam Z. Coronado, Gabriel García Márquez, Nelson Mandela, José Montoya, Alejandro Nava and many others. Moreover, through an Otomí altar and an Ofrenda-Túmulo (burial mound offering) from the State of Mexico, artists reveal how they pay homage to their ancestors. A Hanal Pixán, traditional Mayan offering, has been created to celebrate the life of a great Mexican artist from Yucatan. Altars, installations, popular art, and works by more than sixty artists from both sides of the border make up this momentous exhibit.

Curated by Dolores Mercado

Ofrendas & Installations

Participating Artists
  • Reyna Rayón Salinas (State Of Mexico), Altar Otomí
  • Alejandro García Nelo (State Of Mexico), Ofrenda- Túmulo
  • Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán / Hanal Pixán: Fernando Castro Pacheco; Project Leader: Daniel Rivas Urcelay; Participants: Jorge David Solís Várguez, and Jorge Alfredo Puch Mukul
  • Governors State University, Illinois / A Tribute to Nelson Mandela; Project Leader: Javier Chavira; Participants: Jessica Peterson, Sherri Denault, Donna Radcliffe
  • Ezequiel “Zeke” Penya (Texas), La Locura Cura / Tres Caras de José Montoya
  • Sandra C. Fernández (Texas), Homage to Sam Z. Coronado, True Supporter of Latino Artists
  • Ester Hernández (California), Sun Mad (ofrenda dedicated to the artist’s father, a farm worker from the San Joaquin Valley CA), 1989
  • Alejandra Regalado (New York), In Reference To, 2011-2013
  • Rene H. Arceo (Chicago), Al artista Alejandro Nava
  • Rita Arias-Jirasek (Chicago), Installation for Gabriel García Márquez: “Gabo y la aventura de 28 letras”
  • Marcos Raya (Chicago), Portraits from Mictlan
  • Rodrigo Lara Zendejas (Chicago), Panteón Municipal
  • Marcial Camilo Ayala (Guerrero)
  • Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin (California)
  • Héctor Barrón (Chicago)
  • Hugo Brehme (Germany, 1882 – Mexico City, 1954)
  • Agustín V. Casasola (Mexico City, 1874 - 1938)
  • Sam Z. Coronado (Texas, 1946 – Texas, 2013)
  • Victoria Delgadillo (California)
  • Ana Teresa Fernández (California)
  • Cristino Flores Medina (Guerrero, 1937 - 2002)
  • Tanner Goldbeck (California)
  • José Luís González (Nayarit)
  • Javier Hernández (California)
  • Juan Horta (Michoacán, 1940 – 2006)
  • Edgar Ibarra (California)
  • Maximino Javier (Oaxaca)
  • Luis Jiménez (Texas, 1940-2006)
  • David Linares (Mexico City)
  • Leonardo Linares (Mexico City)
  • Carmen Lomas Garza (Texas)
  • Roberto C. López Ramírez (Jalisco)
  • Oscar Magallanes (California)
  • Carlos Mérida (Guatemala, 1891 – Mexico City, 1984)
  • Alejandro Mondragón and Family (State of Mexico)
  • Ann Murdy (New Mexico)
  • Alejandro Nava (San Luis Potosí, 1956 – Zacatecas, 2014)
  • Carlomagno Pedro Martínez (Oaxaca)
  • Alfonso “Piloto” Nieves (Chicago)
  • Marissa Rangel (California)
  • Michael Roman (California)
  • María Teresa Romero (Michoacán)
  • José Romero (Michoacán)
  • Jorge Rosano (Mexico City, 1955 - 2011)
  • José Alfonso Soteno Fernández (State Of Mexico)
  • Veronica Soto (California)
  • Juan Carlos Torres González (Mexico City)
  • John M. Valadez (California)
  • Patssi Valdez (California)
  • José Valdéz (Coahuila)
  • and Several Anonymous Artists
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Alejandro Nava (1956-2014), The Swing / El columpio, 1990, oil on canvas, 57" x 51 ½”, National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection, 1990.82, Gift of the artist, photo credit: Michael Tropea

José Alfonso Fernández Soteno, Pot with Skulls and Arch  (detail)/ Olla con calacas y arco, 2008, polychrome ceramic and wire, 46” x 22” x 22”, National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection, 2010.29, photo credit: Michael Tropea

Ann Murdy, Altar in the Home of Celso and Marcelina, 2011 / Altar en la casa de Celso y Marcelina, 2011, digitally printed in 2014, 16" x 20" (paper size), National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection, 2014.88.1, Gift of the artist





Friday, September 19, 2014 to Sunday, December 14, 2014