Selections from Our Permanent Collection

Untitled (Carlos Cortéz at Kalpulli Gallery)
Untitled (Festival of San Sebastian) from the "Highland Maya" series
Untitled (9 portraits of Carlos Cortéz in his printmaking studio in his basement at his Marshfield residence)
Anti War Mural - 18 & Western
Fuego, Fire, (Itzmo)
Untitled (the Zócalo / Plaza in Mexico City)

The photographic works in the National Museum of Mexican Art’s Permanent Collection include a variety of media ranging from vintage albumen prints to contemporary laser-generated images. The subject matter spans documentary photographs of 19th-century Mexico and the Mexican Revolution to recent mixed-media assemblages. There are over 700 photos in the museum's collection and a selection is currently searchable online. Check back often as we add to this exciting photographic archive, which is a small subset of our entire Permanent Collection of over 10,000 artworks currently undergoing digitization.