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Americanos: Latino Life in the United States

August 19 – November 12, 2000

Celebrate the extraordinary diversity of Latino cultures in the United States. Taken by 30 photojournalists, over 100 photographs create a bold and artistic portrait of a people who share much in common and yet are as varied as America itself. This exhibition was shown in Chicago through a unique partnership between The Field Museum and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. Each museum features a different part of the exhibition, and both museums are working closely together to present educational programs that reflect the abundant cultural contributions of Chicago’s Latino communities. Traveled throughout the USA from 1999-2000

Participating Artists


Michel du Cille, Eric Easter, Jose Galvez, Mark Hinojosa, Liliana Nieto del Rio and Edward James Olmos

Organizing Institution

This exhibition was a project of Olmos Productions and was organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives.

Displayed at

West Wing