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Bolero by Angela Aguilar

May 25, 2024, 12:00 – 2:00 pm National Museum of Mexican Art

Join us for a screening of "Bolero," a documentary following Ángela Aguilar as she visits eastern Cuba to dive deep and explore the roots of the Bolero genre.  

Angela Aguilar, embraced her purpose of preserving traditional Mexican music, influenced by her family's musical legacy, including her grandfather Antonio Aguilar and father Pepe Aguilar. At 20, she continued this mission with the release of her album “Bolero”, which infuses romantic classics with new life through castanets and guitar melodies. Alongside the album she presents a visual project documenting her exploration of Cuba, the birthplace of bolero, and where she met with musical legend Amadito Valdes and performed for Omara Portuondo. Bolero is the first installment of "Sonidos del Tiempo", a revolutionary project that explores the legacy and history of various important Spanish-speaking musical genres. 

This is the first US screening of Bolero. "Sonidos del Tiempo" is produced by Pepe Aguilar and Simon Fuller.After various Mexico premieres, we are pleased to be the first in the US to present the film Bolero.

Please note: this film will be screened in Spanish.

Please note the date and time of each screening and reserve your ticket accordingly:

Saturday, March 16th: 2:00 pm

Saturday, April 6th: 6:00 pm

Saturday, May 25th: 12:00 pm