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Día de Los Muertos

October 20 – December 3, 1989
Ofrenda with large quilt and banners
José and Margaret Guerrero, Ofrenda/installation, From Asia to Appalachia, dedicated to the youth of the world, 1989.

The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum presented this exhibition in a continuing effort to bring the best of this unique tradition to Chicago. This exhibit consisted of seven altars executed by different guest artists from Chicago, the Southwest, and Mexico. In addition, the exhibit also included paintings, prints, photographs, and folk art from numerous artists from the previously mentioned areas. During the exhibition, three accomplished artisans from Mexico demonstrated their respective skills in sugar-skull making, “papel picado” (paper cut-outs) and clay sculpting.

Participating Artists

Charlie Carrillo, José Guerrero, Ester Hernandez, Nicolás de Jesús, Lake View H.S. Advance Placement Art class under the direction of Esther Charbit, Carlomagno Pedro Martinez, and Roberto Valadez. Other Participating Artists: Jesús Acuña, Josefina Aguilar, Jose Maro Alvarado, Emilio Basilio, Alfonso Castillo Orta, Carlos Cortez, Hector Duarte, Joan Hackett. Juana Alicia, Juan Horta, Miguel Linares, Pedro Linares, Ricardo Linares, Mario Lopez Torres, Emmanuel C. Montoya, Celia Rodriguez, Jesus Romero, Alfonso Soteno, Marcos Raya, Sal Vega, and Antonio Xuana.


René H. Arceo

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

Mexican Fine Arts Museum Main Gallery

Exhibition Highlights