Día de Muertos Memories & Offerings

September 23 – December 11, 2022 Main Gallery
Carlos Frésquez, (detail) Ofrenda para mi abuela (Ofrenda for my Grandmother) - Lorencita Frésquez, 2001, mixed media. Courtesy of the artist

Our 36th Day of the Dead exhibition remembers the numerous individuals from Mexico and the U.S. who have died from COVID and other tragedies in the last year. The annual act of grieving has long been an essential aspect of the yearly celebration of life, as it offers a restorative way to acknowledge and accept the inevitable. Please join us to experience this age-old tradition of honoring the lives of lost loved ones. Folk art, fine art and photography make up the exhibition, bringing to life one of Mexico’s most cherished celebrations. Artists from both sides of the U.S./Mexico border express a sense of continuity and culture during this season of remembering.

Curated by Dolores Mercado & Cesáreo Moreno.

Norbella Aguilar Peña (Chicago), Carlos Flores (Chicago), Carlos Frésquez (CO), Antonio Martorell (PR), Maria Cristina Tavera & Xavier Tavera (MN)

Alejandro Cortés, Dolores Navarro & Jorge Negrete (Universidad de Guanajuato), Moos Elementary School CPS, ONORA Studio (CDMX), Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago)

Claudia Álvarez (CA), Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902-2002, CDMX), Mary J. Andrade (CA), Rick Blanco (IL), Valerie C. Burton (Toronto), Alex Carmona (IL), Martha Driessen (MN), Luis Fitch (MN), David Joaquín Gómez González and David Gómez Sánchez (Edo de México), ), José Gamaliel González (1933-2022, Chicago), David Linares (CDMX), Felipe Linares (CDMX), Paula Linares (CDMX), Pedro Linares (1902-1992, CDMX), Ricardo Linares (CDMX), Arlette Lucero (CO), Stevon Lucero (1949-2021, CO), Serapio Medrano Hernández (Jalisco), Alejandro Mondragón Arriaga (1950-2015, Edo de México), Delilah Montoya (NM), Reynaldo Olivares (CDMX), Zeke Peña (TX), Reyes Rodríguez (Tabasco), Eric Romero (NM), Héctor Silva (CA), Israel Soteno (Edo de Mexico), TSANDA (Michoacán), Cecilia Victoriano Cruz (Michoacán)



All images below are a glimpse into the exhibition for those who could not attend in person. Photo credit: Michael Tropea.

Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Highlights

Funded by: 

The Chicago Park District
The Joyce Foundation
Prince Charitable Trusts
Illinois Arts Council Agency
US Bank
People’s Gas