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El Alma de la Fiesta

January 20 – August 12, 2012 Main Gallery
Jarabe Con Charape
(Detail) Antonio Gómez R., Jarabe con Charape / Jarabe Dance with Charape Drinks, 1939, chromolithograph (calendar) published by Pyasa Lito Leos / Prop. Art., NMMA Permanent Collection, 1999.502

What better way to celebrate our 25th anniversary than with an exhibition featuring some of Mexico’s best-known fiestas! Influenced by the intermingling of indigenous, Spanish and African cultures, the Mexican calendar of holidays lists more than 5,000 annual celebrations. El Alma de la Fiesta presents a variety of celebrations from both sides of the border, including: Day of the Dead, Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Holy Week, Carnival, Three Kings Day, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, as well as personal celebrations. These beautiful works of fine art and folk art display the richness, and diversity of these memorable and extraordinary days.


Josefina Aguilar, Hilario Alejos Madrigal, Rafael Álvarez D., Michael Amescua, Marcial Camilo, Eduardo Cataño W., Julio Cesar Corro Lara, José Clemente Orozco, Carlos Cortéz, Nicolás de Jesús, Rafael Doníz, Crescencio Flores Rojas, Alejandro García Nelo, Demetrio García Aguilar, Antonio Gómez R., Louie “the Foot” González, Ester Hernández, Olegario Hernández, Jesse Herrera, Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, Betty LaDuke, Leo Limón, David Linares, Manuela Cecilia Lino, Carmen Lomas Garza, Lucas Lorenzo, Jeff A. Maldonado, Catalina Martínez, Roberto Mauricio, Leopoldo Méndez, Francisco G. Mendoza, Pedro Meyer, Osuna, A. X. Peña, Marcos Raya, Doña Rosa Real de Nieto, Diego Rivera, Artemio Rodríguez, Aydeé Rodríguez López, Alejandro Romero, Bernard Silberstein, Antonio Villafañe A., Frank Ybarra


Dolores Mercado


National Museum of Mexican Art


All images below are a glimpse into the exhibition for those who could not attend in person. Photo credit: Michael Tropea

Exhibition Highlights