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El Tesoro de Abuelo by Patricia Dominguez

April 28, 2024, 1:00 pm National Museum of Mexican Art

Join author Patricia Dominguez for an afternoon filled with storytelling and exploration as she releases her new book El Tesoro de Abuelo.

In the high mountains of the State of Guerrero, Mexico, lived Don Cuco, his family and grandchildren, Xochitl and Nachito. The family designed beautiful boxes from Linaloe, a lemon-scented wood. One day, Xochitl and Nachito noticed that their Tata was tired and decided to help design and make the boxes in his workshop. Two events happened that would change their lives and they discovered the Treasure of their Grandfather.

Dominguez has written and produced original works of Children’s Theater and has brought important works of theater for adults from Mexico to Chicago. Her plays and workshops for children, parents and teachers are based on the culture and traditions of Mexico and Latin America. Her first bilingual book,

“Tsipeni y Joselito,” deals with bullying. Her second book, “Yo Luchadora,” deals with girl empowerment and gender identity. She received her B.A. Degree in Romance Languages from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and her M.A. degree in Spanish Literature from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Bring your little ones and join us for wonder and discovery!