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Encanto Oaxaqueño con Geo Meneses acompañada por Celso Duarte y arte de Karla Wong

April 29, 2023, 7:00 pm National Museum of Mexican Art

Join us for an evening of Oaxacan culture with live music by Geo Meneses accompanied by well-renowned harpist Celso Duarte and art by Karla Wong.

The concert promises to take guests on a musical journey through the history of Mexico, honoring and appreciating the work of the most emblematic Mexican composers, and in particular Oaxacan composers, such as Ignacio Fernández Esperón (Tata Nacho), Álvaro Carrillo, Chu Rasgado, as well as traditional Mexican music.

Reigning from Oaxaca, Mexico, GEO Meneses brings soul to traditional music, regional Mexican, boleros, huapangos, and world music. Her voice has taken her to stages across Mexico, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Growing up in Oaxaca, self-taught artist, Karla Wong, has exhibited her work in the state of Oaxaca and all throughout Mexico, as well as in the National Museum of Mexican Art and other institutions around Chicago.