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Flor Garduño with Sandra Cisneros

April 9, 2024, 7:00 pm National Museum of Mexican Art

Experience the mesmerizing world of renowned photographer Flor Garduño as we celebrate her work in an interview with Chicago’s very own Sandra Cisneros. 

Since her youth, Flor Garduño has developed her own style and sought the profound truth of the Mexican countryside, venturing into still life, the female nude, portraiture, and architecture, always in a perpetual search for the subtle boundaries of the imaginary; a portrait of the roots of magical cultures. The bridge between the present moment and the centuries that have passed lies in the eyes of those that have witnessed them--the water, trees, earth, and air. By incorporating these powerful natural elements in her photography, Garduño evokes the presence of indigenous America’s horizons and suns. Garduño makes her own rules, continually aiming to elicit some deep emotion. With the framework of her photography built, she perseveres in the task of taking photos that not only reveal but rather capture a place of revelation.

Please note the interview will be conducted in Spanish.