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Horns, Hooves, Wings, Fins and Tails Animal Imagery in the Permanent Collection

January 24 – June 15, 2008

Over 100 objects from the Museum’s Permanent Collection explored the depiction of animals in Mexico from ancient Mesoamerican cultures and folklore to contemporary issues of habitat loss. These pieces represent a cross section of the Permanent Collection.

Participating Artists

Roberto Bañuelos, Flora Rodriguez, Alfredo Arreguín, Alfredo Zalce, Betty LaDuke, Pedro Guzmán Leon, Teódulo Rómulo, Hugo Brehme, Crescensio Flores Rojas, José Guadalupe Posada-Aguilar, Filemón Santiago, Gerardo Cantú, Mardonio Magaña, Francisco Toledo, Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Luis Valencia, Artemio Rodríguez, Irwin Nash, René Arceo, Alfredo Zalce, Foto Vidal, J.C. Hatton, Antonio Turo, Michael Hernández de Luna, Lucia Lete, DLM, Jacobo and Maria Angeles Ojeda, Pepe Santiago, Claudio Ojeda M., Mario Lopez Torres, Luis Pablo, Manuel and Angelico Jimenez and Isaias (Jimenez), Narciso Gonzales-Ramirez, Arsenio Morales, Margarito Ayala M., Fabian Rodríguez, Joaquin Hernandez Vasquez, Arsenio Morales. *This exhibit features numerous works from anonymous artists


Rebecca D. Meyers

Organizing Institution

National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at

Rubin & Paula Torres Gallery