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Juana Inés TV Series/ Patricia Arriaga Jordan

April 10 – April 20, 2024 National Museum of Mexican Art

For two weeks, the Sor Juana Festival will present all episodes of the series Juana Inés, created by Patricia Arriaga Jordán!

Juana Inés is a dramatized series of seven one-hour episodes based on the life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz from her entrance to the court at age 13 until her death. The series is inspired by historical facts about Sor Juana's life and elaborates freely where there is no hard data or information. 

Patricia Arriaga Jordán is a writer, director and producer. She was born in Mexico City where she completed her professional studies in Communication Sciences and, later, a master's degree and doctorate in New York. She started in the audiovisual world in 1972 with Sesame Street. She held various management positions at Canal Once, where he created and produced different genres and formats for children, including the multi-award winning Bizbirije and El diván de Valentina.

The screening of the final episode will conclude with an interview with none other than Patricia Arriaga Jordán herself!

Some content may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Episodes will be in Spanish with English subtitles.

Please note the date and time of each episode and reserve your ticket accordingly:

April 10th: Episodes 1 + 2

April 14th: Episodes 3 + 4

April 17th: Episodes 5 + 6

April 20th: Finale + Interview with Patricia Arriaga Jordán