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La Nación Huichol From the sea to the desert

January 21 – August 7, 2011 Main Gallery
Benito De La Cruz Mural Cover Listing Image Jpg
Benito De la Cruz (1967-2008), Nacimiento del sol, 2008, yarn, wax on wood panel, Courtesy of the De la Cruz family

Before the formation of the Mexican nation-state, the indigenous societies that call themselves the Wixaritari inhabited the Western Sierra Madre. This population, known widely as the Huichol, has survived the last five centuries with a profound commitment to fulfill their ancestral traditions, an impressive artistic legacy, and notable contributions to the course of Mexican history. Nonetheless, their way of life is threatened currently by deforestation, the construction of new highways, and persistent strip-mining efforts. The exhibition examines their ancient culture strip – mining efforts. This exhibition examines their ancient culture and journeys through ritual landscapes by means of documentary photography and artwork from the last hundred years.


Edwin Forgan Myers, Edward H. Davis, John Lilly, Carl Sophus Lumholtz, León Diguet, Donald B. Cordry, Diego Rivera, Angel Bracho, Juan Guzmán, John Christian, Gonzalo Hernández Carrillo, Brian Ray, Humberto Fernandez Borja, Diana Hernández Cordero, Benito de la Cruz Carrillo, Pedro Carrillo Valdez & Felipa Acosta Cosió, Gonzalo Hernández Carrillo, Ivan Alechine, Ramón de la Torre, John Christian, Andrés Valenzuela, Matshihua de la Cruz & Casimiro de la Cruz, José Benítez Sánchez, Martín de la Cruz Díaz, Leon Diguet, Brian Ray, Agustin de la Rosa, Groupo Venado Azul, Groupo Renacimiento, Pierre Buch. *Including loans from The Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum of Natural History, National Anthropological Archives NAA, National Museum of the American Indian, L. Villegas, Instituto Zacatecano de Cultura Ramón Lopez Velarde, Museo Zacatecano, Inv., Jean Meyer Archive, National Museum of Mexican Art Permanent Collection, Centro Indígena Huichol A. Ca, Huejuquila, the Conservación Humana, A.C.


Humberto Fernández, Regina Lira, Collette Lilly (from Conservación Humana, A.C.) and Cesáreo Moreno


National Museum of Mexican Art, in collaboration with Conservación Humana A.C.

Traveling Exhibition Venues

Centro Cultural Real de Catorce, Antigua Casa de Moneda, Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí (March 30-December 2012)


All images below are a glimpse into the exhibition for those who could not attend in person. Photo credit: Michael Tropea

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