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La Reina de Las Américas Works of Art from the Museum of the Basilica de Guadalupe

January 10 – May 11, 1997
Reina de las Americas
Gonzalo Carrasco (1859-1936), Salve Reina de América, 20th Century (First third), oil on canvas.

This was the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum’s tenth anniversary special exhibition. As a community based institution with a strong commitment to our community, there could not be a more appropriate exhibition to present for all the support we had received those first ten years. The display of over eighty works of art from the 17th to the 20th century reflected the aesthetics and spiritual blending of Spanish Catholicism and Indigenous Mexican cultures. These magnificent paintings, sculptures, textiles and prints were works of art guided by faith and inspiration that illuminate the unique and powerful devotion to Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

Participating Artists

Mathias de Arteaga y Alfaro, José Mota, Tiburcio Miranda, Francisco Carden, Miguel Cabrera, Francisco Antonio Vallejo, A.W. Schulgen, Andrés López, Juan, Rafael y Luis Cervantes, Miguel Hurtado, Hermanos Tavani, Cayetano Zampinos, Antonius Baratti, Gonzalo Carrasco, Samuel Stradanus, José de Ibarra, Valerio Prieto, Ramón Torres, Peñaflor, J. Yves Ramíres, Pedro Gualdi, Urbano López, Casimiro Castro, Benzinger Brothers, Debray sucs. and unknown artists.


Jorge Guadarrama

Organizing Institution

Museum of the Basílica of Guadalupe, Mexico City

Displayed at

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Main Gallery

Exhibition Highlights

Funded by: Chicago Park District, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, The Illinois Arts Council.