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Latina Art: Showcase 1987

May 26 – July 12, 1987

Latina artists have to face two major obstacles in having their art work exhibited and appreciated. The first obstacle is that the mainstream art world, through their ethnocentric tunnel vision, has failed to grasp the significance, achievements, beauty, and new paths and directions that Latina artists have explored. Considering the failure of the mainstream art world to admit most non-white artists into their inner circle of acceptability, this is not surprising. What is surprising is that the second major obstacle that Latina artists have to overcome is the failure of the Latino community to fully appreciate the accomplishments of Latina artists. In spite of this one-two punch of having their art work being ignored because of their ethnicity and gender, Latina artists have bravely and faithfully continued to pursue their artistic visiones. The odds that these women have to face and will always face has not been able to deter them from their creative quest. Consequently, Latina Art: Showcase ‘87 celebrated both the artistic wonder and the steadfast dedication and determination that these Latina artists possess.

Participating Artists

Juana Alicia, Candida Alvarez, Santa C. Barraza, Barbara Carrasco, Yreina D. Cervantes, Martha Chavez, Dolores G. Cruz, Maritza Davila, Liliana Duran, Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz, Marina Gutierrez, Ester Hernandez, Beatriz Ledesma, Silvia A. Malagrino, Lillian Maldonado, Paula Pia Martinez, Rosalyn Mesquita, Mary A. Moncada, Gloria Rodriguez, Marta Sanchez, Bibiana Suarez and Mirtes de Magalhaes.


Juana Guzman

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

Main Gallery