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Living Maya The Art of Ancient Dreams

February 5 – April 10, 1988
Living Maya
Photograph © by Jeffrey Jay Foxx, courtesy of Harry N. Abrams, Inc., from the book Living Maya

This exhibition is the first exhibition to reveal to the American public the art and culture of the present-day Maya of Chiapas, Mexico. Included are 60 examples of Maya textile art from the mid-nineteenth century to 1987, and 30 contemporary photographs of the Maya people today. Woven into Maya textiles – and Maya life – is their ancient vision of the universe, preserved for more than a thousand years.

Participating Artists

Textiles from the Collection of Sna Jolobil, The Weavers’ Society of Chiapas, Mexico. Photographs by Jeffrey Jay Foxx.


Walter F. Morris, Jr.

Organizing Institution

InterCultura (Museum services)

Displayed at

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Main Gallery

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