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Marcos Raya Fetishing the Imaginary

July 16 – November 14, 2004

Marcos Raya’s obsession in documenting the people, the lifestyle and the hardships he has encountered, often alter his depictions of reality into dreamlike visions or nightmares. Raya’s work continues today with his obsession to document those individuals and lifestyles he encounters in Chicago. His paintings, collages and installations are often bridges that bring together and juxtapose completely opposite worlds in a surrealist manner. The good life and the bad life, sexuality and death, technology and the subconscious, all these “apparitions” and so many more are disconnected yet related in the artist’s work. His concepts, like his found objects, become hybrids - recycled, transformed and then reassembled into a dreamlike collage. Each character and concept is built upon an experience from the past.

Participating Artists

Marcos Raya


Cesáreo Moreno

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

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Main Gallery