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Millas y Kilómetros Contemporary art from Chicago & Chiapas

February 26 – July 18, 2010

Millas y Kilómetros speaks of the distance traveled by nine contemporary artists from the state of Chiapas and the city of Chicago. Based on the principle of cultural exchange, the selected artists engaged in cross conversations and trips between the cities between the cities: Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Cristobal, Palenque, and Chicago. While the conversations are ongoing, the impression each artist gained from their journey to a place different from their own is the focal point of this project. With this exhibition we aim to challenge preconceived ideas and expectations about the art making process of urban artists in Chiapas (one of the largest and most diverse indigenous regions of North America). At the same time we examine contemporary art currently being created by Mexican artists in both Chiapas and Chicago (the city with the second largest Mexican population in the US). Through a sampling of painting, photography, video, sculpture, installation, and performance art, this exhibition showcases artists who are on the extreme opposite ends of the US – Mexico border but speak a dialect that transcends language, culture, and ethnicity.

Participating Artists

Mariauxilio Ballinas, Hersalia Cantoral, Juan Chawuk, Nacho Chincoya, Caleb Duarte, Eric García, Carito Gómez García, Amin Katun Gutiérrez, Georgina Valverde


Jose Luis Gutierrez and Gabriel Villa

Organizing Institution

National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at

National Museum of Mexican Art Rubin & Paula Torres Gallery and Kraft Gallery

Traveling exhibition Venues

Centro Cultural Jaime Sabines, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas (October 7-31, 2009)