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¡Muertos de Gusto! Days of the Dead, Memory and Ritual

October 1 – December 5, 1993

7th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition. The “Days of the Dead” celebration is a happy and educational experience for adults as well as for children in México and in the United States. Within the present, concerns for cultural understanding in the United States, the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum annually organizes “Days of the Dead” exhibitions, contributing to the conscious and active process of redeeming and reclaiming our past in ways that transform present reality. Here our celebrations may be different in form to those in México, but the spirit of the tradition lives on. Participation in these re-contextualized rituals enables us to recognize that the cycle of life and death is at the core of human experience, binding all people together.

Participating Artists

Mary J. Andrade, María Enriquez de Allen, Josefina Aguilar, Gerardo Bonilla, María Bustamante, Enrique Chagoya, The Castillo Family, Othon Castillo Luna, Santa Contreras Barraza, Carlos A. Cortez, Guillermo Delgado, Héctor Duarte, Ricardo Duffy, Joan Hackett, Nicolás de Jesús, Luis Jiménez Jr., Miguel, Paula, and Ricardo Linares, Abelardo López, Mario López Torrez, Mario Martín del Campo, Alfredo Martínez, Daniel Martínez, Leovigildo Martínez, Rita Marquez, Adolfo Mexiac, Gabriel Macotela, Leopoldo Morales Praxedis, Rodolfo Morales, Francisco R. Oñate, Marcos Raya, Arturo Rivera, Alejandro Romero, Patricia Salas, Virgilio Santaella, Cecilio Sánchez, Oscar Soteno, Francisco Toledo, Patssi Valdez, Salvador Vega


René H. Arceo

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum Main Gallery

Traveling Exhibition Venues

Heard Museum, Phoenix, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, Mexican Museum, San Francisco and Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota.