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Perspectiva Popular: Mexican Folk Painting from the Collection of the San Antonio Museum of Art

June 16 – September 10, 1995

Mexico has a long tradition of folk art and continues to be a place where both folk and fine art co-exist in a healthy way, constantly borrowing and lending to each other whenever the need arises. During the 19th century, when Mexico was struggling to establish its own identity independent from Spain, popular expression, particularly painting, flourished in unique ways. Mexico began to examine and express itself in ways best understood by Mexicans, with little regard for the European standards and criticisms of the past. Vernacular perspectives on shape and color and a repackaging of European subjects into forms more relevant to local populations were the rule of the day. In essence, it is an art by Mexicans for Mexicans.

Participating Artists

Felix Zarate, Sor Juana Beatriz de la Fuente, Roberto de la Selva, Gorky Gonzalez, and unknown artists


Marion Oettinger, Jr.

Organizing Institution

San Antonio Museum of Art

Displayed at

Main Gallery