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Placemaking & Landmarks The Creation of Mexican Spaces in La Dieciocho (Pilsen)

August 29, 2017 – April 29, 2018

The exhibition examined the advent and development of places and structures within the Mexican-Chicago community. Crossing a land border connected by rail lines, the Mexican workforce that started arriving in Chicago during the end of the 19th century has been one of the city’s only ethnic groups not compelled to promptly abandon their native customs. As the Mexican population increased during the 20th century, this city of neighborhoods gradually adapted and transformed in a distinctive way. Placemaking & Landmarks takes a glimpse into some of the ways in which Mexicans made La Dieciocho (Pilsen) their home.

Participating Artists

Nicole Marroquín, Adalberto Barrios, Roberto Vargas and Casa Aztlán students, Robert Natkin, Francisco Mendoza, Domingo Parada, José Guerrero, Aurelio Díaz, Robert Natkin, René H. Arceo, Joel Rendón, Cynthia Weiss and Casa Aztlán students, Bernheim, Kahn, + Lozano Architects.


Cesáreo Moreno

Organizing Institution

National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at

National Museum of Mexican Art Xicágo Gallery