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Salvador Jiménez-Flores: eagle, serpiente, nopalli

September 19, 2023 – February 4, 2024 Xicágo Gallery
Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Pensamiento cósmico / Cosmic Thought, 2019, brass and rose gold plating, 15” x 7” x 10” Courtesy of the artist

For Chicago-based artist Salvador Jiménez-Flores (b.1985, Jalisco), the ancient Aztec migration from Aztlán to Tenochtitlán (present-day Mexico City) parallels the contemporary journey of immigration that so many make from Mexico to the U.S. The Eagle, Serpiente, Nopalli brass and clay installation presents the artist’s meditation on colonization, migration, cultural appropriation, nationalism, and survival as he moves ancient Mesoamerican ideas into his imagining of a post-colonial future. 

Please note: we are limiting the number of guests in the Xicágo Gallery to protect the art installation.

“This artistic expression is critical for the fact that it captures the stories of my people, my ancestors and my neighbors, while demonstrating to my adopted country, our neighbors and our governance, that we are knowledgeable, hardworking, have important contributions to make, and yes, we do belong.” Salvador Jiménez-Flores


The Joyce Foundation
Prince Charitable Trust
Chicago Park District
Illinois Arts Council Agency