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Sculptures & Mixographs by Rufino Tamayo

December 14, 1990 – February 3, 1991
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Rufino Tamayo, Dos Personajes Atacados por Perros/Two Figures Attacked by Dogs, 1983, Courtesy of Mixografia Gallery

This exhibition is the first solo exhibit in Chicago of Mexico's foremost living artist. Tamayo who said "being Mexican was essential to my development as an artist" is a master surrealist, abstractionist, colorist, and humanist. Tamayo has dramatically inter­preted Mexico in an international level so that everyone can understand Mexico. Through his prolific and splendid artistic career he has succeeded in universalizing Mexico. 

This exhibition which is the Museum's eighteenth major exhibit reflects our continuing commitment to showcase the finest of Mexican artistic expressions. It is also the result of the coordinated efforts of many individuals and organizations. On behalf of the Museum, I wish to recognize and thank Rene Arceo Frutos who coordinated the exhibit and was graciously assisted by Mary-Anne Martin, Lea Remba and Samuel Frid. We greatly appreciate the essays that Professor Edward J. Sullivan of New York University and Teresa del Conde, Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City contributed to the catalogue which documents this important exhibit. We wish to thank all the lenders (whose names are listed in these pages) who so graciously agreed to part with their artwork for an extended period of time. Their generosity helps our efforts to increase the public's awareness of Tamayo's magnificent artwork. 

Participating Artists

Rufino Tamayo


René Arceo

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

Main Gallery

Department of Cultural Affairs Chicago and the Illinois Art Council