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Sin Fronteras: Featuring the Artwork of Artists from Chicago and Mexico City

July 15 – October 2, 1994

For those involved in the arts, the ultimate goal is to contribute to cultural development. In spite of this collective goal, the extent of the individual or group contributions can vary between temporary and permanent opportunity. There are several reasons that made this exhibition a singular event, and one that precluded long-lasting cultural effects. The fundamental reason why this happened lies in the fact that the exhibition was the culmination of a program of young artists. These artists are living their first professional years in two valuable urban centers where the development of Mexican art has prospered: in the United States - the city of Chicago- and in México- the nation’s capital, México City.

Participating Artists


René H. Arceo and Carlos Blas Galindo

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

West Wing Gallery