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Surrounding Kahlo: Works from the Permanent Collection

March 5, 2022 – January 15, 2023 Rubin & Paula Torres Gallery
(Detail) Ester Hernández (b. 1944), If This Is Death, I Like It (Si esto es la muerte, me gusta), 1991, serigraph / serigrafía, 11/70, NMMA Permanent Collection, 1993.14. Photo credit: Kathleen Culbert-Aguilar

Undoubtedly, the visage of Frida Kahlo has become the most instantly recognizable of all artists across time. Since her popularization in the 1980’s, she has been the subject of books, movies, an opera and a great deal of visual art created by others who have been moved by her paintings and life story. Drawn entirely from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, this exhibit explores works inspired by Frida Kahlo; the work of her students, known as “Los Fridos,” who learned from and surrounded her while she recovered at home in La Casa Azul; as well as familiar items that Kahlo chose to surround herself with such as arte popular, Mesoamerican artifacts and traditional clothing from her beloved Mexico.

Curated by Rebecca D. Meyers


BMO Harris
The Chicago Park District
The Joyce Foundation
Prince Charitable Trusts
Illinois Arts Council Agency