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Teresa Olabuenaga: Solo exhibition

July 27 – September 9, 1990

For those of us involved in the production, distribution and consumption stages of artistic works, it is becoming more apparent that the permanent challenge of those who produce this type of work is - and has been - that of achieving an effective interaction between the expressive, thematic, and artistic elements with which they solve their pieces. However, it is also evident that few artists are able to keep a balance between these elements, and as a result more often we find works in which one or another element stands out. Therefore, one must underline that one of the most outstanding aspects of this exhibition is Teresa Olabuenaga’s capacity to achieve results where the expressive (related with aesthetic sensibility), thematic (which provides for the intellective consumption) and artistic (related to style and technique) levels are interrelated.

Participating Artists

Teresa Olabuenaga


René H. Arceo

Organizing Institution

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Displayed at

Courtyard Gallery