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The Barrio Murals

July 21 – September 1, 1987 Main Gallery
mural in front of building with two cars
Marcos Raya, Salvador Vega, and Carlos (Moth) Barrera, Casa Aztlán Facade, 1831 S Racine. Photo Credit: Jose (Fugie) Almanza

This exhibition was conceived when the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum saw the need to highlight this fundamental form of art of our “barrios”. Mural projects have provided the opportunity for muralists to become both leaders and role models for our youth. Mural projects have also provided youth with group experiences and the opportunity to find themselves. We dedicated this exhibition to the people in the “barrios”, to whom the murals belong, and in particular to those young persons, who will in the near future, become the new leaders and role models for successive generations. We hope this exhibition is an inspiration to the youth to continue the cycle and will encourage them to go on and paint new “Barrio Murals”.


Carlos “Moth” Barrera, Mario Castillo, Carlos Cortéz, Aurelio Díaz Tekpankalli, Hector Duarte, José G. Guerrero, Juanita Jaramillo Lavadie, Jaime R. Longoria, Francisco Mendoza, Vicente Mendoza, Benny Ordoñez, Raymond M. Patlan, Dulce Pulido, Marcos Raya, Alejandro Romero, Roberto Valadez, Rey Vasquez, Salvador Vega and Roman Villareal.


René H. Arceo


Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum

Exhibition Highlights

Funded by the Illinois Arts Council