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Translating Revolution U.S. Artists Interpret Mexican Muralists

February 12 – August 1, 2010

The Unique exhibition examines the influence of Mexican muralists on U.S. visual culture and the subsequent re-invention of the mural movement in the U.S. Artists from east to west gleaned inspiration from the Mexican mural in numerous ways. Some of the artists visited Mexico for months, while others stayed a lifetime and became Mexican citizens.

Participating Artists

Ansel Adams, Charles Alston, Victor Arnautoff, George Biddle, John Biggers, Emil J. Bisttram, Lucienne Bloch, Margaret Burroughs, Elizabeth Catlett. Jean Charlot, Eleanor Cohen, Howard Cook, Marion Greenwood, Xavier Guerrero, Judithe Hernandez, Everett Gee Jackson, Barbara Latham. Leopoldo Mendez, Francisco G. Mendoza. Edward Millman, Tina Modotti, Isamu Noguchi, Pablo O’Higgins, Jose Clemente Orozco. Emmy Lou Packard, Jackson Pollock, Alfredo Ramos Martinez. Milton Rogovin, Rosendo Salazar, Ben Shahn, Bernard Silberstein, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mitchel Sporin, Philip Stein, Morris Topchevsky, Alex Topp, Edward Weston, Charles H. White, Hale Woodruff, Mariana Yampolsky, Bernard Baruch Zakheim, Alfredo Zalce


Amy Galpin

Organizing Institution

National Museum of Mexican Art

Displayed at

Main Gallery