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March 22 – March 24, 2024 National Museum of Mexican Art

Wilma narrates the story of a girl who grows up as a foreigner in her own land, isolated by the racism and classism imposed by her grandmother, who forbids her to learn Maya and associate with Maya speakers. Suddenly, one of the worst hurricanes in history arrives on the peninsula. An early cyclone alert is issued in the Maya languages. She, unable to communicate with others, tries to survive a hurricane without anyone’s help.

Itzhel Razo, is an actress, dancer, and stage director. Currently, she is a scholarship holder of SACPC, formerly FONCA, with the Young Creators scholarship specializing in stage direction 2023-2024. She studied Dramatic Literature and Theater at UNAM with a specialization in stage direction. She is certified in contemporary dance by the National Center for contemporary dance.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see this spectacular and unforgettable performance.

This play contains nudity and explicit content that may be inappropriate for children under 16.

Saturday’s performance will be held in collaboration with the Little Village Rotary Club