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Yollocalli Class of 2019

July 1 – December 12, 2021
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Inherently, we all have a desire to document our lives and record our stories. Today our lives are recorded frequently and instantly, and sometimes we forget to take pause to remember what that moment meant. Yollocalli Class of 2019 is a collection of moments captured by the young people in Chicago. These young artists take you through their memories of friendships, music, angst, love, and the everyday. Through paintings and drawings of their dreams and culture, to printing a photo of friends at their hidden places, to recording issues and ideas teens deal with today, this exhibition ties to the desire we all have to keep the memories of our lives within a frame. Yollocalli Class of 2019 is the annual exhibition of work by participants of Yollocalli Arts Reach. Yollocalli is the youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art. We provide free visual art and digital media programming to teens and young adults in the Little Village and Pilsen neighborhoods. You can learn about all the great work we do at or on social media (@yollocalli).

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